Maintenance Actions

Hi everyone,

I will be using this topic to track down the individual maintenance actions that I will have to perform on this website. The truth is that this website is managed and maintained by myself since Discourse hosting is too expensive. This means I have to maintain the server and database that the Forum uses, as well as keeping the Forum software version up to date to avoid vulnerabilities.

I will begin a maintenance action today that will result in some expected downtime. This is because I am migrating the Forum in between servers to a better server provider with better infrastructure. The Forum will also be having dedicated resources instead of sharing them with my other platforms and projects.
This is what the community deserves and I will be posting updates after the migration.

Server migration was successful. We are now on a dedicated virtual server with adequate resources, not sharing with any other apps or projects.

We are now running on a base virtual server on DigitalOcean, a premier cloud provider for Discourse hosting.